AMCIS was a Santa Cruz band (2002-2003) consisting of Adam Payne, Jerry Encoe and David Novick.

Adam met Jerry (shredmaster and vocals) and David Novick (bass-face and vocals) in his bedroom off DeLaVeaga Park in October of 2002. Dave was in the bathroom and Jerry commented on the spare wall with a single picture of John Coltrane smoking. "Dood, fukin' Innerstellur spase, doot." They needed a new drummer. Once again playing another kind of punk-rock, this time with more chops. It was called AMCIS (a man cut in slices), taken from a line in Tropic of Cancer.

They played probably 12 shows at the regular houses: The Cube, Brommer, etc. also Davis twice. They never played a full set. Ever. Something always broke. Guitars, fingernails, basses, amps, PA's,drumheads, hymens. They always played shirtless too. It was hot in the Brommer house. Adam got whiskied one night and stuck his head through a window there and thought he got ripped off for the bill. The final practice in summer of 2003 ended the band strangely with Dave lying on the floor wearing cut-off jeans and boots playing a trumpet into the ceiling, and Jerry sitting at the drumkit glaring at Dave. Adam drank a Redbull in silence. This could have been a great idea for a new art group, but the inspiration was fleeting. Then Jerry went to San Diego for a few weeks and Adam stole Dave to start Residual Echoes.

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