A Fashionable Disease is a Santa Cruz punk band involving Lord Calvert (guitar/vox/keyboards), Weng Ho Miller (bass/vox), Dude Gzordon (drums), Senor Burrito (trombone), Ricardo "El Guapo" Jimenez (saxophone) and Dr. Elvis Mooncock (violin).

They were active in Santa Cruz roughly from 2006 to 2010, after which the brains of the operation moved to Oakland. They played often with Happy Meal, sharing a drummer, and were a source of bringing good hardcore punk acts into Santa Cruz, such as Oakland's Morpheme. From about 2008 they've comprised both original members of Foldis. They've released several CDs through their own Pet Goat Records and have several noise/free jazz side projects including Chimora, Pedro Infante and Fag Priest.

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