Dj ABC ('Aaron Brinton Cohick) first became interested in spinning records by getting involved in the West coast rave scene when it escaped the UK back around 1989-90. He frequented parties thrown by production crews such as Toontown, Rave Called Sharon, Wicked, Davin the Madhatter, Real Productions, Beej and Blitz, Global Underworld Network, Playskool, ect.

During this time he quickly became interested in production and started a light and sound virtual reality company in 1992 under the moniker(s) Dr. X-static's Electro Brain Machines. This company included performance art and light shows, of which both were eventually featured in the national magazine, Newsweek, then covering the burgeoning rave scene in California: read story.

As Dj ABC became more involved and started throwing some small warehouse parties with friends, he found an interest in incorporating custom sounds to synchronize into the light shows, thus dj'ing with the shows simultaneously. While at first concentrating mostly on chill-out and ambient soundscapes, he slowly introduced the then new dub infused ambient beats coming from groups like the Orb. This lead to more dj'ing while his business partner concentrated on operating the light shows.

Dr. X-Static's integrated light and sound show then went on the road with ABC playing at numerous parties in Holland, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Australia, and the Western States.

Some highlights included playing at the Love Parade in Germany and Lollapalooza in L.A. ('94-'96), doing a show with Timothy Leary in Phoenix, AZ ('93), and an opening dj set at "Renaissance" for the Aphex Twin's first West Coast performance in 1992.

After touring the world for over 3 years, and serving thousands of satisfied psychonauts, ABC sold his succesful business, settled into Santa Cruz, CA, and eventually started the scunderground collective. This new endeavor lead to producing and dj'ing small warehouse and house parties in and around the San Francisco Bay area. His mission was to get back to the soulful roots of dance music parties, and to share that with others.

In 2005 dj ABC was spinning an eclectic mix of soul, rare groove, funk, downtempo, deep and soulful house, broken-beat, jazzstep D-n-B, acid-jazz, funky breaks, and general afro-electronica. He spun every second Saturday at the Cardiff Lounge in Santa Cruz.

His latest interest is learning and experimenting with remixing and producing original music, so who knows what the future will bring...


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