Aaron Emmert is a Corralitos musician and engineer who is involved with Mammatus,That Hideous Strength, The Broads,Druids, and Sad Monsters. He used to play drums for Residual Echoes and other things for Whysp. He is currently working on a solo project called Wapiti. He has recorded lots of bands in The Silent Planet including Mammatus, Residual Echoes, Whysp, New Thrill Parade, El Sonido, Grey Daturas, A Fashionable Disease,Happy Meal,Gargantula, El Chon, Denney Joints, Misty Mountain, Tenebre, Kevorkian Christmas Special, Swanifant, Elizabeth Torres of Zdrastvootie, Wildildlife and some pig slop. He once said "I just make music for exercise," and, upon messing up a particularly simple drum beat, explained that he had begun to compare his taxes for the coming year to the previous'. If he had a horse, the animal would most likely be called "Ron Don". His wife wonders why he or someone else took out an important addition made to this page that had something to do with pee poo.

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