Alan Goldwater is a recording and electronic design engineer who worked on the development of the very first commercial hard disk recording system, Studer Dyaxis. This system was 'hacked' by Digidesign and many of its features live on in the popular ProTools product. He went on to design may other professional audio products for local manufacturers E-Mu and Summit. His last project, the Summit MPE line, was co-designed with Rupert Neve, and won the audio industry TEC award in 2000.

In the late 1970's he provided live sound for tours with The Talking Heads, Elvin Bishop, Neil Young (The Ducks), Ry Cooder and many other acts. He designed and manufactured custom speaker enclosures, mixing boards and other outboard gear that was used on these tours.

Alan Goldwater also owns and operates Magic Sound [1], active in the local music scene for over 30 years. A broad range of released and unreleased recordings over this time span forms a valuable historical record of popular music in Santa Cruz, from Oganookie's bluegrass-influenced rock through the punk and new wave periods, to the electric blues revival of the past decade. Key commercial releases include,in no particular order: JJ180, The Scapegoats, The Strain, The Call, Dawan Muhammed (Evidence), Terry Hanck, Sista Monica, Paul Jackson & Red Hot, Jano Brindisi, Linda Arnold, Ron Kaplan, Kid Anderson, Russell Barber, The B-Movie Kings and Dammit Jim, with more to come.

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