Alaric Burns

a.k.a. Alaric Kane, a.k.a. Ped Xing

Alaric Burns is a producer, performer, and DJ. His primary focus remains Insect Funeral, a dark ambient sound blendage performance and recording project. Insect Funeral often works with multiple speakers for a surround sound experience.

Alaric first performed as part of the Santa Cruz duo Real Music along with J. Neo (X-Tal ), with Alaric on drums and Neo on guitar, organ, and vocals.

In October 1980, he and Jeep Galebo co-produced an evening of electronic and noise-improv music at the Santa Cruz Art Center, titled "Insect Funeral."

Performed as The March with Chris Anderson on tenor sax, Alaric on drums, and a multi-track recording of Alaric's minimoog. The March performed in Santa Cruz and San Francisco's Mabuhay Gardens. Alaric and Chris also played a Ska song with Santa Cruz punk band The Schematix on a number of occasions, with Alaric jumping from the audience to take the mic, improvising lyrics & toasting inna Jamaican DJ stylee.

Moving to San Francisco in 1981 he began developing Insect Funeral, playing cassette tapes via multiple tape decks, using all manner of source material both created and found. During the 80's and early 90's Alaric primarily performed and recorded with Paul Hagen, with both Paul and Alaric blending tapes, and playing percussion instruments and drums. Insect Funeral's track "Calming Sorrow" can be heard on the CD 'Swarm of Drones', Asphodel, 1995, a compilation of Ambient Noir.

Performed and recorded with Rhythm & Noise , the seminal San Francisco Industrial audio/video band, Alaric worked alongside R&N founder Naut Humon, and Desmond Shea; this work can be heard on the 'Chasm's Accord' ' CD, Asphodel, 1996. During this time Alaric also worked with Desmond Shea in Trial.

In the early 2000's Alaric joined with video artist VJ Culture , a.k.a. Grant Davis, and motion graphic artist and musician SurYummy , a.k.a. Emmett Feldman, to form Extra Sensory Projection, an Audio Visual electronica band. E.S.P performed in various locations in the United States, & disbanded in the mid-2000's.

DJ work includes spinning strictly Vintage Reggae, Rocksteady, and Dub 45's and LPs; Downtempo and uptempo Electronica; and eclectic music from all genres. "Music is the key, blend in harmony." -Lee 'Scratch' Perry

Insect Funeral continues to evolve...