Aleksander Prechtl played in several bands in Santa Cruz including Hate Mail Express (guitar, vocals), The Barometers (drums, washboard), The VEYNZ (vocals) and Mr. Peanut is the Ultimate Dandy (vocals), thee Sexx Loops (guitar, drums) and Las Munecas (bass) among others.

Aleks was also the operator of Safe Records which released local music on the cassingle format.

Over his years in Santa Cruz he hosted two radio shows at KZSC. One being a punk rock and experimental themed show called Garageland. The other being a live music program called the Third Rail (originally started by Melanie Goldberg).

He lived and booked shows at the Cube.

After leaving Santa Cruz he moved to Oakland CA where he was in several bands such as Battleship (vocals), Short Eyes (bass), Brian Glaze and the Dayshift (drums) and Red Nurse (guitar). Following that he moved to Brooklyn, NY where he performs in the reunion version of legendary San Diego band Rice (bass).