The Alvidrez Brothers have been musicians for over a decade. Both brothers are classically trained musicians who play multiple instruments.

Pat Alvidrez is a seasoned percussionist who plays a ever expanding 15 piece kit as well as several other forms of ethnic percussion (congas, djimbe, tablas, tonebox etc.) and Didgeridoo.

Dan Alvidrez is a guitarist who plays several forms of stringed instruments (electric/acoustic guitar, bass, sitar) as well as piano & electronic instruments, and percussion.

Music Example: Trinity (Excerpt) - Brothers Alvidrez (Written by Dan Alvidrez © 2002)

Music Example: Dan's Drum Machine Jam - Brothers Alvidrez (Written by Dan Alvidrez © 2008)

"We're into a wide variety of music including, Tool, Dead can Dance, Ravi Shankaur, Frank Zappa, Fear Factory, Deftones, Joe Satriani, Mudvayne, Pink Floyd, NIN, Nirvana, Prodigy, Rammstein, Steve Vai, Classical, Ambient, Electronic etc..."

"We been playing together for 13 years and have experience with hard disk recording and are acquiring equipment a new system this coming year. As of right now we have the capabilities to record and master tracks to CD, make DVDs of live performances, as well a professional packaging, advertising and websites to promote our project. But, we're still waiting. Still lying in wait for the turning point of the culture. The Rock Renaissance that is on the tip of our tongue's.

We have put out several exclusive recordings of a limited quantity. If your luck enough to have found one congratulations.


Learning from the best watsonville has to offer (Mrs. Camacho) the two brothers Pat and Dan were classically trained by high school. Dan was first to learn classical percussion (Musician of the Year 1996 Scholarship to UOP) and Pat soon followed. After this brother gained prowess on the drum kit, Dan then switched to guitar in attempt to find a voice that could express himself. After years of playing cover songs the two had dissected rock and metal and began to combine the elements of their favorite bands to create their own style. They now write and perform their own music.

Dan has a solo project call BuilderBeats which can be found on myspace music BuilderBeats

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