Ancient Age was a Santa Cruz band (2003) founded by Erik Kistel and Mike Oliveras. Brian Anderson willfully took on the duty of bass player, until he got a girlfriend three months later. Ancient Age took their name as an homage to the cheapest priced whiskey known to all three members of the band. Even cheaper than Early Times. Surprising considering how much older it is as well.

Ancient Age played two shows. Their first show was at The Cube with Zvradstbutti and Old Time Relijun. Their last show was at The Beehive with Six Organs of Admittance and Sunburned Hand of the Man. A particularly awesome group of Santa Cruz locals danced like lunatics, one of the drummer's Toms fell over, and a bag of clothes tumled off a shelf over Brian Anderson's head and landed on him, but he was not hurt or daunted. Ben Chasny was heard describing Ancient Age as "an actual garage band", implying that they actually practiced in a garage.

Ancient Age actually practiced in the back room of a Cabinet Maker's studio. After three warnings from a lonely Santa Cruz police officer, Ancient Age were ticketed for breaking the Santa Cruz noise ordinance. Erik Kistel was the only band member pliable enough to present his ID to the officer, so the ticket was written in his name. Two weeks later, on a Monday, Erik Kistel took the day off work to go to the Santa Cruz City Court and plead his case. Half the room was excused without trial because their officers had not shown up in court. Erik Kistel's officer was present. Erik Kistel successfully contested the ticket, lowering the penalty fee from $400 down to $100 which Erik Kistel proceeded to pay and was never re-imbursed for by any of the other members of Ancient Age.

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