Arsonists Get All The Girls is a homegrown Santa Cruz metalcore band consisting of Remi (vox), Patrick Mason (bass), Arthur Alvarez (guitar), Steve Borella (guitar), Garin Rosen (drums) and Kaleb Ellis (keyboards).

The was band formed in the summer of 2004 by Patrick, Arthur, Geoff Montague (keyboards) and Nick Dill (vox). They were originally called eS eN eE eS. Patrick came up with the name Aronists Get All The Girls while "just sitting" in his room.

Nick left the band and Joseph Rodriguez took his place. Joseph left and Alex Dumas took his place. Adam Trowbridge became the band's first drummer, but moved to guitar when Garin became the band's drummer. Adam then left the band and was replaced by Steve. Then, Geoff left the band and Kaleb took his place. Alex moved away and Remi took his place.

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