Because of Christ was spearheaded in 1980 by UCSC students Randall Ha[name altered intentionally]worth (vocals) and Fred Lakner (guitar). These two engaged a variety of likewise budding young musicians, notably drummer Sally Kallenbach and keyboardist Brian Biles before settling with Melanie Winters on drums and Richie West playing bass.

In keeping with the zeitgeist of early '80s Santa Cruz underground, BoC purveyed "serious fun" for the inquisitive, the inelegant, and the chemically altered.

Their style was consistently inconsistent (except consistently unprofessional) as they experimented with punk-rock, punk-funk, new romantic, dirge, ska, and psychedelic. They were not so much rowdy as simply loud and were rarely invited to the same venue twice. Nonetheless, BoC gigged occasionally with contemporaries Box o' Laffs, Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada, and Joe Cuba and the Tokyo Negroes, to name a few.

The experiment ended abruptly in 1982 when Randall and Fred graduated. The former went to medical school and eventually became a famous plastic surgeon, while the latter segued into the chemical arts. Richie West continued his musical aspirations with the Wrestling Worms and beyond.

The band left no publicly accessible recordings.

Randall was an esoteric influence at the time, having an English accent, looking buff, and having hair that changed color on a monthly basis. He was a student at Crown College in UCSC. In keeping with his punk/New Wave style, he once had a breaded, fried, fish fillet from the dining hall nailed up on his dorm wall, augmented with a paper set of fins.

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