In the fall of 2001, the second Big Bang festival took place.

Thursday, September 27Edit

Oliver Brown, Absent Referent, the Automatones at the 418 Project. 9 PM. $3 (flyer)

Friday, September 28Edit

Bonfire Madigan, Laura Fingers & Lady Limes, Tenth of Always, at the Needle Exchange. 9 PM $3. (flyer)
This was Tenth of Always' first ever show. The event was quickly sold out, and fire safety laws were broken in order to pack as many concert goers into the venue as possible. By the time Tenth of Always jumped on stage to open the night's concert, there was no room left for anyone inside the club, and people were scrounging outside to peer in through windows.

Saturday, September 29Edit

Hate Mail Express, The Trouble Makers, The Drag, at the Stevenson College Cafeteria 9 PM $3

Sunday, September 30Edit

Karl Blau, Manswan, Betsy, at the 418 Project 9 PM, $3

Monday, October 1Edit

Trackstar, Whysall Lane, Bunkbed, at the Rio. 9 PM $3

Tuesday, October 2Edit

The Exploding Crustaceans, The Huxtables, One Fineday, at the Saturn. 9 PM. Free. (flyer)

Wednesday, October 3Edit

Pedestrian, Uberhund, Flukestarbuker at the 418 Project. 9 PM. $3

Thursday, October 4Edit

Depth Charge Revolt, The Carnivores, Keystone Eyes, at the 418 Project, 9 PM. $3

Friday, October 5Edit

Drunkhorse, Comets on Fire, Federation X, at Caffe Pergolesi. 9 PM $3

Saturday, October 6Edit

the Lowdown, Pink & Brown, Numbers, at the 418 Project. 9 PM $3

Sunday, October 7Edit

Run_return, Uprock Rhizome, Placentor, at the Cube. 6 PM. potluck vegan BBQ (flyer)