In the fall of 2003, the fourth Big Bang festival took place.

Friday, October 17Edit

Oliver Brown, Boxcar Saints, Noise Clinic, at the Cayuga Vault. 8 PM; $3.

Saturday, October 18Edit

Whysp, Entrance, Six Organs of Admittance, at the 418 Project. 8 PM; $3.

Sunday, October 19Edit

The Huxtables, The Dan Potthast Trio, The Doldrums, at the Santa Cruz Teen Center. 7 PM. $3.

Monday, October 20Edit

The Menses, Blake Mennella, James Walsh, Grisley & the Clap Party, at Bixby. 7 PM; $3.

Tuesday, October 21Edit

Half Czar, Up the Voltage, Strip Mall Seizures, at the Shuff Shuff House. 7 PM. $3.

Wednesday, October 22Edit

Sweat It Out, Sad Monsters, Zachary Patton, Cult of Comfort, at the Ugly Mug.7 PM; $3.

Thursday, October 23Edit

The Enablers, A Burning Water, The Master Plan, at Plymouth Street; 7:30 PM; $3.

Friday, October 24Edit

The Lowdown, Handel, Electric Eagle, at Close To Too Much Fun, 7 PM; $3.

Saturday, October 25Edit

The Loyal Sons & Daughters, The Comfy Chairs, Red Pony Clock, at the 418 Project. 7 PM; $3.

Sunday, October 26Edit

Diamond Star Halos, Grief Counsel, Mike (from Bunkbed), at The Cube. 7 PM. $3.