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Big City Orchestra is an art/noise band formed in Santa Cruz around 1979 by dAs,Mike Dean, David Kerman and others. Their early performances included poetry readings and such instrumentation as demolished electric guitar, atonal electric bass, synthesizer, prepared violin, prepared hammered dulcimer, tape loops, AM/FM radio, bird calls, and spray paint.

Among other subjects, they satirized the local new wave scene, on one occasion reciting a diatribe about Polio Ferrari. They (or dAs) were also responsible for posting flyers around town advertising nonexistent bands including Cao Testicle (an obvious reference to Tao Chemical).

Big City Orchestra, still performs to this day current members including Santa Cruz Residents Cliff Neighbors, Ninah Pixie, dAs, and scores (literally) of others.

They also continue to produce weekly experimental music programs


  • In 1982 they released a cassette titled Tryst that came enclosed in a painted Ziplock bag accompanied by numerous little color-Xeroxed images and other detritus.

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