Billy Pitrone was drummer and lead singer for the band Square Roots. There were different permutations of the band and eventually Billy stopped drumming and sang in front. He also sang with a band named Monkey Man a few years after the Square Roots broke up.

?In 1998 Billy resumed his lifelong efforts on acoustic guitar and by 2000 was playing with some very accomplished musicians that became the band Crosstown. Billy and his partner/bass player Sarah formed a new band Bean Creek that plays traditional bluegrass music. He and Sarah also perform with a band called Deep Elem. Billy was voted Best Male Bluegrass Vocalist by the Northern California Bluegrass Association in 2008 and 2009. Billy runs Jamshops and classes for the Abbott Family of "Mountain Music for Everyone" and can be found at bluegrass events and festivals enjoying jamming with friends.

Regular gigs include: Phil's Fish Market 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month with Bean Creek .. Sam's BBQ in San Jose 1st Tuesday of the month with Bean Creek ... Phil's Fish Market every Tuesday with Deep Elem........... June 26,2009

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