Brian Heater was a Santa Cruz DJ who hosted the KZSC shows "A Change is Going to Come," as 60's rock and soul show, and "The Special Brew," a ska show. The latter show had a large female teen fanbase as the former had a small following of drug-damaged ex-hippies who would call Heater and his occasional co-conspirator John Garmon and thank them for playing the songs that they were unable to remember the names of.

Brian was also a party and club DJ who could recreate swinging London with the drop of a needle.

He also managed notorious Santa Cruz band Lesterjett and was an unofficial member of the Snaps. He was a writer and Music editor of the "Fish Rap Live," and lived through two incarnations of the Close to too Much Fun House (Kennan St.).

He now works as a freelance writer in New York City.

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