The California Street house (1996 - 2002) was located at 320A California Street (which runs parallel to Mission Street on the Westside). It was the downstairs of a duplex owned by a man named William Mog -- who evidently never knew bands regularly played at the house. Between four and six people called 320A home at any given time and the house had an air of gleeful depraivity.

When bands first started playing there in 1996, California Street was home to Aaron Coyes (who booked most of the early shows and probably initaited Ca. St. as a house venue) and Ryan Alday (from Black Label), Scott Batiste and Tyler Morris (from Reliance) (who shared a bedroom), and a girl who some say had a peg leg. Robert Freeman later moved into "Peg Leg"'s room and also started booking shows.

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