Cameron Miller is a formerly Santa Cruz based musician and composer, currently based out of Hastings, Nebraska.


Cameron Miller first began playing music when in middle school, and continued to pursue it durring his tenure at Scotts Valley High School with The Head Dwellers; a group noted for its macabre song stylings, high energy performances at the member's high school, and annual Halloween concerts. The Head Dwellers disbanded upon its members graduation.

Experimental Solo Work (2003-2007)Edit

While working with The Head Dwellers, Miller also focusd on his own experimental solo recordings, a process he had begun as early as 2003. From these came the unreleased projects Seriously Weird Music Ep (2003), True Debut (2005), The Ballad Of Brown Jenkins (2006), Amazing Mono Ep (2006), and the full length album Why Did He Try At All? (2007) .

Change Up & You Never See The Good (2011)Edit

After graduation, Cameron Miller continued his work via collaboration with a talented group of songwriters, singers, and producers; notably Travis Stebbins. While much of this work was never compiled for release, Miller released his first album to the public via the site Bandcamp in 2011. Titled Change Up, it was an eclectic selection of self-performed originals featuring keyboards and the pennywhistle heavily.

Also released in 2011 was the follow up, You Never See The Good. Featuring a solid group of supporting musicians and improved production, the album was a departure from Change Up and carried a more mainstream indie rock feel. The album featured the song, Why Love Santa Cruz, an ode to Miller's hometown.

Greetings From Hastings (2012)Edit

In summer of 2012, Cameron Miller relocated across the country to the town of Hastings, Nebraska to attend college. SInce the move he has released the album Greetings From Hastings (2012), a mellow collection of guitar instrumentals. A single, She Wants to Sail Out to Sea, was released in October of 2012.

Late in the year demoing began for a new album slated for 2013.

Discography (of released works)Edit

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