Cha Cha's was an early-'80s venue at 1535 Commercial Way. Following the demise of The Dock, Cha Cha's became the main breeding ground for local new wave and punk bands from summer 1981 through spring 1982. The focus then shifted to the The Big Beat, but that venue closed at the end of 1982 and Cha Cha's resumed having shows in the spring of 1983.

Cha Cha's was usually closed to minors (though occasionally they were allowed in or snuck in). This left the new teen hardcore bands like M.A.D. and the Young Alcoholics out of the running. Other than that, the club was fun and surprisingly flexible, hosting the first major appearances of such far-flung concept bands as Sordid Details, The Thongs, Big City Orchestra, and The Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada. In retrospect, Cha Cha's might be considered the last dying gasp of the early Santa Cruz scene.

The space had previously been Mona's Gorilla Lounge (a gay bar with a jukebox). After it was Cha Cha's, it became In Touch and then Moe's Alley.