Chris X' (real name: Chris Yonts) was founder, editor and publisher of Scrud, Plagiarist, Rockabilly Maniac, and The Knot fanzines, and co-founder of KOA.

Armed with a cast-off IBM Selectric and a box of childhood art supplies, and using John Holmstrom's PUNK (Issue 14) as inspiration (and Good Times as anti-inspiration), 14-year-old Yonts conceptualized and laid out SCRUD #1 in his mom's living room in Fall of 1979.

He printed 10 copies of Issue #1 on his dad's office copier and was incredulous when Polio Ferrari (working the counter at Cymbaline Records) bought the whole run for resale in the store's venerable periodicals rack.

The first issue had ten one-sided pages and a K-Mart Shoppers cover story.

SCRUD had a total run of approximately 10 issues (10-40 copies per issue) on a quasi-monthly schedule, culminating in a Ramones cover story/interview (Spring 1980) which was arranged by SKOT.E Wheeler.

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Chris Yonts's Early Zines

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