Crossroads was a Santa Cruz venue (1976-1978) located at 303 Potrero #25. Owned by Richard "Spanky" Spachner, the venue catered mostly to blues and rock music. There were a few punk and new wave shows there. Because of financial problems, noise complaints and pressure from the landlord, Crossroads closed shop for good on November 25, 1978.

On June 23 and June 24, 1978, Crossroads hosted The Readymades, The Mutants, and The Avengers. The Dils were also scheduled to play on the 24th, but they didn't make it, so the Avengers played all night. The shows were organized by Third Reef Productions. According to a write-up in the Good Times, about 130 people attended the June 24 show. In spite of the turn out, the evenings turned Spanky against having more "New Wave" shows at his venue. He cited noise complaints, "the rowdy flavor" and too many underage kids trying to get in as reasons. However, later in the year, more punk/new wave shows took place at Crossroads. Seeing the possibility of a money-maker, Crossroads tried to have New Wave Night every Monday. The idea was unsuccessful, however, and Monday nights soon became reserved for dart tournaments.

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 Other Monday nights featured an unknown Oregon band who were trying to build a rep in Santa Cruz so they could leave Eugene. This was the Robert Cray Band. Unfortunately, turnout was scarce and the attempt failed. As the bartender, however, I had a ball. Spent more time dancing than working.  
 The Crossroads also served as the prime blues club in town. Artists such as Albert King, Gatemouth Brown and the Fabulous T'Birds came through regularly and local talent like Neil Young's Crazy Horse and the Doobie Brothers, Airtight, and the Santa Cruz Band would always play the crossroads to build up for a tour.

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