Cuban Cigar Crisis came about in a practical fashion in 2000 with the collaboration of Harry Cantwell and Charles Eden. They released an album called Damn.

The following year Clayton Smerican and Erik Johnson joined the group and they played a few shows, one being at the Saturn Cafe opening for John Swanson's band the Automatones. They also released a six song EP that same year.

In 2003 Charles Eden moved from Portland to Santa Cruz.

In 2005 the band released the album Flags Of Discontent and started playing again, but as a three piece. With Jarred Hodgdon joining Harry and Charles.

One patron at 99 Bottles during their Cinco De Mayo show was quoted as saying "I thought they were a going to be playing festive music".

Charles has since left Santa Cruz but the band is currently working on a new album and playing shows all around the Bay Area.

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