DILLIGAF is a Santa Cruz band that has been performing for over 10 years. The band is comprised of Eric K (bass/vox), Jeff Dilligaf (drums) and Gene Hickey (guitar). In 1997, their CD Vent was nominated for an L.A. Music Award in the category of "Best National Act."

One of their most epic show was on Halloween 2000 at Moe's Alley, opening for Spaceboy.

DILLIGAF was formed in 1995 by Eric K and Jeff. Arch Owens was on guitar. Ricky Taylor replaced Arch on guitar in 2000 and 2001. Ricky was a former DILLIGAF soundman. Gene then replaced Ricky.

Band nameEdit

DILLIGAF stands for "Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck?", an acronym Jeff learned in the military; it's also a biker saying. Turns out other bands throughout the United States have also used, or are using, the name DILLIGAF, but the Santa Cruz DILLIGAF actually have the rights to the name due to original usage for copywrited material (1996). "But we're musicians," Erik K says, "not lawyers!"


All on Hard 8 Records: