DJ Josh "Nice" Weiss has been has been playing and collecting records since the year 2000. Music has been has passion since he was a baby. When playing out, styles range from party Hip-Hop, to 60's and 70's Soul Music, to contemporary Downtempo, to Cocktail, Abstract and Funky Jazz, to Reggae and beyond. Choice of genres is schizophrenic but most styles are united by their use of a the Breakbeat.

Josh current has two bi-weekly DJ nights at the Red Restaurant in Santa Cruz. Every other Wednesday finds Josh and co-DJ Justin Delmer spinning Abstract and Funky Jazz, as well as a plethora of Downtempo music from labels such as Tru Thoughts, Memphix, Ninja Tune and others. The mood is contemplative, the music lovely. Mondays find Josh & Justin trading off playing Funky Jazz, 70's Soul as welMid-Tempo & Downtempo music. DJs are Josh, Breezy Jordy the Bachelor , Justin DJ PAW and others. These nights at Red Restaurant were organized by Sayre of Santa Cruz Hip-Hop crew Lost and Found Generation.

Josh has also been involved in Santa Cruz Radio since 2002. First hosting the 'Nocturnal Emissions' program at KZSC, then moving to KUSP to host the Saturday night program 'On the Corner', alternating with co-hosts Breezy Jordy and Seth K. Archives of Josh's programs can be found at the Audio section of his website, where his [http:/ Photography] can also be found along with other cool stuff.

Previous events have included the art opening of Santa Cruz artist Justin Delmer at the Next Door in Santa Cruz, two years of DJing the KZSC Spring Music Festival, events at local venues including The Crepe Place, two iterations of the Coastline Brewery, the now-defunct 120 Union, as well as a plethora of house parties and a few weddings.

Josh is always looking to expand his scope of contacts and DJ work, as any other collaborations with local creative artists.