Dalkon Shield (D/S) was a Santa Cruz band formed in 1982 by Bruno Hare, Amy Prinkey, Denise (bass), Mika (drums) and Leslie Cole. They described their music as "power punk."

Most of the band's songs were written by Bruno in a single week in January 1982. He had just gone through a bad break up. Influences included Gang of Four, the Clash, and the Shaggs.

Their first gig was May 1, 1982 in San Francisco at the Sound of Music. They were supposed to opened for The Child Prostitutes, but The Child Prostitutes got into a fight with another band, leaving Dalkon Shield as the only band on the bill that night. Their second gig was at Kresge College, UCSC on May 15 at 10pm at the end of Kresge Day. The onlookers turned violent. Their third gig was their "Down on the Farm" gig.

It was a full year later before they played out again. It was at the Them Festival held at Cha Cha's on May 29, 1983. Around this time, Marco Mysterioso joined the band, Dave Larstein was playing bass, and Gus was playing drums. Dave Vasquez joined in at some point too.

By 1984, band members stopped and the band fell apart.

Dalkon Shield eventually reunited and played the Catalyst Garden room. The bartenders got annoyed with the drum machine, and Bruno got 86ed.

The band slogan was "Modern Love is a Corporate Crime."

The Dalkon Shield was the name of an IUD that proved to be defective.

Members lived at 112 Elm Street.

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