Dan Olmsted was in The Waybacks, Art and the Paganhearts (with Carmaig De Forest, Kathy McVey and Pat Guiseke) and Thin Ice. He also worked with Carmaig de Forest. He is now in Dandeline.

Raised in Palo Alto, Dan attended UCSC and received a degree in Literature. He studied film as a graduate student at San Francisco State.

He has been on the staff of Berkeley's Saul Zaentz Film Center for more than fifteen years, working mostly as a re-recording mixer.

Dan has taught at City College since 1996. He teaches "Sound for Film" in the Film Department and "Audio Production Lab" in the Broadcast Electronic Media Arts Department. He periodically conducts seminars at the Film Arts Foundation, and assists at Stanford University's Documentary Film program.

He has taught a popular seminar at the Film Arts Foundation called "Hey, What's That Sound?", four weeks of theory-based examination on the art of sound in film.

He worked as a sound mixer on Rock That Uke.

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