Darryl Scotti did the booking for The Big Beat. After it shut down at the end of 1982, Darryl and Phil Haskin worked together as American Syndicated Artist Service and tried to purchase the Big Beat property.

In the 1970s, Darryl was the guitarist for Spiral Starecase 'More Today than Yesterday' on Columbia Records.

He is an alumna of The Dale Carnagie Program of Sales, Public Speaking and postgraduate trainings. He has served as a consultant to several committee advisory boards including The Arthritis Foundation, Rotary Int'l and The San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau; Con-Vis Expo.

In 1995, he won the NACAS songwriting award for his song "Take out The Trash." He has released of a number of Christian rock CDs.

Darryl now runs Darryl Scotti Events, Event Talk Radio and The Great Event, all out of San Jose.

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