Darwin Rodriguez lived in Santa Cruz and was a musician and member of El Sonido. He moved to Seattle in February of 2008. He is also an artist, creating t-shirts for Mammatus and album covers for New Thrill Parade and Residual Echoes. The El Sonido shirts were made by dumping bleach on black t-shirts and then screening on a symmetrified tree image. several of these are floating around Santa Cruz.

In late 2007 Rodriguez formed Tree Tarantula with Ryan (?) of (?) (who worked at Staff of Life for a long time) on guitar, Ian Webb on drums and Denney Cardott on guitar. Darwin played bass, as in El Sonido. They played several excellent shows in their brief run, such as a superbowl party in Aptos and Metamusic Records in Santa Cruz.

Rodriguez held a high position in decorating at the downtown Urban Outfitters, which allowed him to use his skills as well as make enough money to build outlandish speaker cabinets for El Sonido, adding greatly to their live show. Darwin has formidable carpentry and printing skills.

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