Dean Korth grew up in Santa Cruz with his parents and brother Marty Korth, who is also a musician. He played in early Santa Cruz rock bands in the late 60's and early 70's. Dean played drums in Feel Machine, a band that had two drummers, along with Steve Calloway. He was a hard-hitting, aggressive drummer who was influenced by the playing style of Ginger Baker.

In 1980 Dean moved to Hollywood where he joined a new-wave/power-pop band called 20/20. In 1983 he married Audrey, a young French woman and decided to change careers. They moved to France where he studied winemaking and worked for wineries in Burgundy for several years. In the early 90's Dean and Audrey moved to the Monterey Bay area where he now rocks as a winemaker.

Update 2012: Dean was recently cajoled into picking up the sticks to play in the band "Catalina Scramblers" with old friends Dave Calloway and Dick Tacklind based in Santa Cruz, California. A wonderful experience!

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