Devil Dog played in Santa Cruz from 1986-1989, and consisted of three core members, Ron Nachmann, Elliot Warren, and Phil Lollar. Ron played percussion (sans kick drum--he stood and often danced while playing), Elliot played bass (think of the minutemen in terms of bass style) and Phil played guitar (jagged attack). Phil sung often, alternating between raspy screams and whispered melodies, but there were a few singers--including Anne Marie Hackel, Julia Brown, and Kim Wood--who came in and out of the band, and at one time a violinist joined for a few months of shows. They experimented with rhythms (5/4, for example, or stranger) and guitar tunings, and were often best when doing instrumentals. If you heard noise emanating from a big green house right on Highway 1, across from the Saturn cafe when it was on Mission St, it was probably Devil Dog. Other bands practiced there as well (including Raining House and a speed-metal band). It was also once the site of a party wherein those practicing bands played along with an impromptu appearance by the Dwarves, fronted by an amusingly inebriated Blag Dhalia, who started a fight with Green Housemates during their first song that prompted immediate ejection from the venue. Devil Dog played such venues as OT Prices, Cafe Chameleon (when it had the large room in back right off of the river), Sluggo's, Porter Lounge, KZSC and many parties. One never knew what to expect from a Devil Dog show; pure brilliance could melt into missed notes, forgotten lyrics and/or broken equipment.