Diversion was a progressive hard rock band based in Soquel (1994-2002) comprised of Tas Szemeredi (vox/bass), Chris Rene (guitar/vox), and Mike Rene (drums). They released a self titled CD in 2000. The band recorded one more time to release another CD, but the band broke up and it was never finished.

The members were only 12 or 13 years old when they formed, but still managed to perform at venues such as the Red Room. There are clear memories of their parents being in the midst of the chaos of those Redroom shows.

Diversion was one of the pioneers on youth Punk rock in Santa Cruz from 1994-1997 when they grew out of punk and transformed into heavy progressive rock. From 1997-2001 they continued there works growing and writing long epic songs. The band broke up in earily 2002.


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