Ed Hatch was a Santa Cruz recording project (1983 - 1992) started by Eric Gies and David Larstein after The Humans broke up. They worked actively together and produced 4 albums of their own highly eclectic brand of rock music. They later consolidated the best of their work into a CD called Ed Hatch, released on their own label Field Collector Series.

They performed at the Catalyst in 1986, and at various clubs around the Santa Cruz area. Members of the Humans were sometimes involved. John Anderson and Jim Norris played at times with Ed. Also involved briefly was Le Mau Dautrive. They played many private parties, all the way into 1991. As the project was purely artistic, there was never any intention of turning it into a commercial enterprise, but it was an honest effort at making art.

In 1989 Gies and Larstein made a recording expedition to Yosemite National Park. The process was so successful it led to a series of environmental sound recordings. After putting all their effort into this new idea, it became obvious that the Ed Hatch project had effectively completed its mission.

All together they made 4 albums of the sounds they found in Yosemite. Another 4 albums, more generic in nature were completed by 1992. Gies and Larstein remain close friends and partners to this day.


  • Ed Works: 10 song album (1984)
  • The Ed Hatch Story: a 30 minute, 2 part radio biography of Ed Hatch, the Johnny Appleseed of Rock 'n Roll (1985).
  • Kiowa Man: a 10 song album (1987).
  • Western Son: a 10 song album (1988).
  • [[Ed Hatch (album|]]: a "best of" cd, containing 13 songs, including the 25 minute "Ed Hatch Story" (2005).

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