First Psychobilly band in Santa Cruz.

Elmer's Shotgun was the first Phychobilly band from Santa Cruz (1986 to 1990ish). They played mostly local but played a few festivals in Europe in the late 80s early 90s. They are arguably the first real Phychobilly band from the US if you do not count the Cramps. They certainly were the fastest!

The band consisted of Todd Smitherum, Nick Mitchell and Pete Johnson. They later added a guy named Brian for their next tour. Their early work sounded more like cow punk and they eventually developed into a band that sounded more like the love child of classic California punk meets a feral stray cat. They played fast and loud and did not adhere to any of the rules of Rockabilly like the Quakes and other US bands at that time. Their live shows were a mixture of good and bad. They once set a backyard on fire, their bass player was always either injured or drunk, their singer hated to play live and they basically never took anything serious, especially not themselves or the whole scene. They laughed at it really.

They were a great band that if you were lucky enough to see, you are one of very few.

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