Fiend Master Freak was a Santa Cruz band involving Flip (bass), Kevin (vox), John (guitar) and Scott (drums)

According to Hectic Times, Issue 9:

It came froma comic book a song I wrote called Fiend Master Freak. It was some creature that Captain America or some other good guy was after. They kept talking about that 'he moves in the haunted steps like a man learning to walk, Fiend Master Freak, Fiend Master Freak.

The song lyrics came word for word from a Jack Kirby comic from the 70's. The song itself was performed by Big City Orchestra at the S. C. Vets Center & The Monterey Music Hall while Flip was a member. The song was also released by BCO on their 'Greatest Hits & Test Tones' CD featuring vocals by Daevid Allen.

Fiend Master Freak was the first band to play at The Swan / Heavenly Goose Restaurant when it was located in the Historic Santa Cruz Hotel, late 1990. The gig came about because Rick Eldon, the chef at the Swan, was roomates with at least one member of the band. Members of the band were regulars of the Red Room, the lounge next to the Swan. Rick and the band asked to play in the restaurant and that was the beginning of what people now remember as live music at the Red Room.

FMF was a band that was appreciated by many local musicians and had quite a local following.

You can download 16 free mp3s of Fiend Master Freak here: