Flip started in the Santa Cruz music scene around 1982 as a member of the ever changing line up of Big City Orchestra. He then joined Box O' Laffs as bassist when David Lowery left to pursue Camper Van Beethoven in 1984. In 1987 he started Fiend Master Freak.

16 Fiend Master freak mp3s available here...

After 14 years of FMF the members parted ways. Since FMF there were a couple of endeavors with John the guitarist from FMF, a Snakefinger tribute band with a latin percussion section called The Finger and hardcore group Exsanguination.

In mid 2005 through 2006 Flip was playing bass in the band SANE and did a short (9 month) stint in Blueprint. As of early 2007 he was not in an active group.

2010 Flip joined Catacomb Creeps with longtime friends; guitarist Bill (Spaceboy|Gargantula), vocalist Rick (Vicious Midgets) and Lane on drums.

Early 2011 Flip made a guest appearance in the band Power Strip. Flip also went into the studio with Catacomb Creeps and recorded a 5 song demo available here:

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