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Frank Ruffolo Accordionist, songwriter, music producer, photographer, writer, publisher, promoter.

Born May 21, 1959 in Toronto. Moved to California in 1963, just in time for the surfer/biker/hippie 60's subculture.

He formed a band called "50 Fingers" in Santa Cruz with Kimball Dalton and later Jeff X on the drums, Marco "Mysterioso" Jovine on bass, Ron Levesconte on guitar and Bruce Begley on lap steel.

He worked for photographer Berndt Bohm shooting German fashion catalogs and later worked as a set dresser in Hollywood films.

He later moved to Montana and formed "The Los Hermanos Brothers" who opened for bands such as Wilco and the Violent Femmes.

Frank also did studio session work for different bands including Too Slim and the Taildraggers, Jerry Joseph, James Shook, Russell Nassett, and many others.

Also worked as an operations manager for a mobile sound recording outfit, Real Image.

Later he co-produced Poopsie Cartel with Junior Ruppell.

He went on to form "El Dealbreakers" and tour Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Also, toured SE Asia with Jerry Joseph in 2012 and with The Cambodian Space Project in Australia the same year.

Produced Sean Eamon's self titled debut album in 2014.

Frank now divides his time between Montana and Cambodia where he stays with his wife and young son and lives off of royalties and rents.


1995 Too Slim and the Taildraggers "Swamp Opera".

1995 The Los Hermanos Brothers "You knew it was a rattlesnake when you picked it up".

1996 The Jackmormons "Butte, Mont. 1879"

1997 Too Slim and the Taildraggers "Blues for Eb".

1997 Big Sky Underground

1999 James Shook "The Resolutions"

2003 Russ Nasset & the Revelators

2004 El Fabuloso

2005 Poopsie Cartel

2010 Axshin Slax "Slax Off"

2014 Sean Eamon


2001 Dusty Klink "Formal Invitation to the Blues"

2003 Dusty Klink "Sky"; "Louisianna Friday Night" and "Where you are tonight"


2004 "Butteopia: Impressions of Butte, Montana"

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