Good Riddance was a Santa Cruz punk band which originally involved Russ Rankin (vox), Rob Land (guitar), John Burnett (bass) and Rich McDermott (drums) (in 1986). Through its history, the band has seen at least five different guitarists, seven different drummers, six different drummers, leaving Russ as the only person to have been in the band the entire time (except for the one show in 1987 when Jason Fitzsimmons filled in for him).

The name Good Riddance was suggested by Russ. Prior to that, they were formerly known as B.O.S.P. (Bunch of Skate Punks) and Union Carbide.

Their first show was at a house party in Santa Cruz around Christmas 1986.

History and personnel changesEdit

Jason Fitzmaurice filled in once on vocals and once on bass in 1987, and played second guitar for a short time in 1988.

In 1988, Rich and John moved to Lake Tahoe to work at a resort and snowboard. During this time, the band recruited drummer Jade Dylan (from Rude Awakening), guitar player Luke Pabich and bass player Ken Frank. Luke continued playing guitar for the band through 1989 because Rob broke his wrist skateboarding.

1990 Andrew Jackson took over on drums. Rude Awakening broke up on New Years' Eve and Luke joined Good Riddance for good. At this point, Good Riddance wrote a number of original songs and recorded a demo tape. The following year, John left the band and was replaced with Devin Quinn. Rob and Andrew also left and were replaced with Brian Gilliam and Jade Dylan (who had just quit Vicious Midget). Jade quit Good Riddance shortly after that.

Without a regular drummer, Good Riddance went into hibernation until 1993. During this time, Russ and Luke start State of Grace, but they also continue writing material for Good Riddance and continue to look for a drummer for Good Riddance. They finally convinced Rich McDermott to rejoin the band.

Good Riddance recorded a new demo in 1993 called Loaded for Bear.

Then, Devin was replaced on bass by Tom Kennedy. Good Riddance went on tour, venturing as far north as Seattle and as far east as Houston. After the tour, Russ and Tom created Fury 66. In 1994, Aaron Sonnenshein quit Fury 66 and Rich McDermott filled in, creating an overlap in which Fury 66 and Good Riddance shared three members. Tom then quit Good Riddance so he could focus solely on Fury 66. Tom was replaced in Good Riddance by Chuck Platt.

Rich quit in 1995. Tony Palermo filled in on a tour of the U.S. and Canada. Sean Sellers then joined the band as the drummer on their European tour (1995). Follow up tours included one supporting Down by Law (in North America) and one supporting NOFX (in Europe). They also headlined another tour. In 1997, they again toured Europe and North America, and for the first time toured Japan.

With the release of Ballads from the Revolution in 1998, Good Riddance toured New Zealand and Australia with Sick of It All, and toured Europe and North America (with AFI).

With the release of Operation Phoenix in 1999, the band toured western Canada. After the tour, Sean got married and quit the band. Dave Raun filled in on drums through the spring and summer of 2000. During this time, Good Riddance co-headlined a tour with No Use For A Name, then supported NOFX in a tour through Europe. That fall David Wagenschutz became the full-time drummer.

Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit was recorded in the spring of 2001 at the Blasting Room. The album release was supported by a video for "Yesterday's Headlines."

In 2002, Luke decided to return to school, preventing him from participating in some tours. Duncan Barlow filled in for Luke at guitar. The band toured with Strike Anywhere. Then in the summer, Luke joined in again as the band toured through the U.S. and Canada.

In the fall of 2002, Luke was unable to tour because of school. Chuck and David took on full-time jobs. David moved with his wife into a new home in the Philadelphia area.


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