Good Village is a label run by Josh Alper.


  • (--- ---) Whysp-Whysp LP, 2004 (split release with Yik Yak and Love Tape Love)
  • (GVR 001) Whysp/The Story - The Dawn is Crowned Split LP, (October 05)
  • (GVR 002) Television Personalities 7"
  • (GVR 003) Untitled CDR Compliation featuring Whysp, The Daybreakers, The Finches, Six Organs of Admittance, Jeffrey Manson, Ben Grass, The Blithe Sons, Calvin Johnson, Bunwinkies, Karl Blau, Mount Eerie, Rick Swan, Woelv, Bird by Snow, Sean Smith, The Story, Skygreen Leopards Skyband (coming soon 05)

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