Graham Connah also participated in the post-worms version of the worms which existed from ...late 88 into most of 89....that version of the worms was built around Rich West, who remained from the earlier years, and vocalist lyricist poet Eric Curkendall, erstwhile mainstay of Box O' laffs. this later edition of the worms also had alex candelaria on guitar and karl daegling on bass and a few others on horns at one time or another, including some of the previous generation.

Graham Connah joined some of the members of Camper Van Beethoven to back up Eugene Chadbourne in Camper Van Chadbourne for some tours in the states and europe. there are various studio and live albums of all this.

Graham Connah composes, arranges and plays in jazz and avant-jazz groups of anywhere from 6, 7, 14, 22 to 32 musicians and singers.  He periodically releases well-regarded albums under his own name for evander music and rastascan labels.  

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