Hectic Times was a Santa Cruz hardcore and skate zine published by Kym Agresti from 1990 to 1995.

There were nine issues.

Issue Number 4 was reviewed in Flipside: "A nice looking zine putting the Santa Cruz scene in a nutshell. From what I gather, all the bands are local to the area with State of Grace, Cara De Nada and more. Lots of reviews, skate stuff and pics from the Keynote Club. Good looking and worth a read it you ever want to know what goes on in Santa Cruz other then boardwalking and hippiedom. (LH)"

Issue Number 6 was reviewed in Maximum Rock 'n Roll: "Even though this issue didn't come with a Santa Cruz compilation tape, HT just keeps getting better. For such a small city to refuse to give up on it's scene even though there's virtually nowhere for bands to play is amazing. The zine interviews bands and talks about cool places to skate ... and they haven't run out of material yet! (NR)"

The zine released two cassette compilations of local bands. The first (made in 1990) included Good Riddance, Vincent's Ear, It., Herbert, Mock, Witchhook Sky, Political Silence, Cara De Nada, State of Grace, Cake, Fiendmaster Freak and Candy Apples. The second, (made in 1994) included Fury 66, TNT, Exploding Crustaceans, Lackadaisy, Woodpecker, the Cavities, Blackout, Boobie Trap, Beautiful Green Skeletons, Anomie, Lost in Line, Poppy, Inner Sanctum and Vishnu's Secret.