Camper Van Beethoven II & III

Camper Van Beethoven II & III

II & III is a 1986 album by Camper Van Beethoven, released on I.R.S.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Abundance"
  2. "Cowboys From Hollywood"
  3. "Sad Lovers Waltz"
  4. "Turtlehead"
  5. "I Love Her All The Time"
  6. "No Files On Us"
  7. "Down And Out"
  8. "No Krugerrands For David"
  9. "(Don't You Go) Goleta"
  10. "4 Year Plan"
  11. "(We're A) Bad Trip"
  12. "Circles"
  13. "Dust Pan"
  14. "Sometimes"
  15. "Chain Of Circumstance"
  16. "ZZ Top Goes To Egypt"
  17. "Cattle"
  18. "Form Another Stone"
  19. "No More Bullshit"

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