Illiterate was a San Lorenzo Valley band (1993 - 1996) consisted of Jon Cattivera (vox/guitar), Derek Pabich (guitar), Jacob Lafferty (bass/vox) and Scott Batiste (drums). In the original line up Tyler Morris played bass for a very short while, and never played a show. Scott and Tyler had a band called Morton's Toe before that, but for the others this was their first band.

In 1995 Jon was asked to join Fury 66 and played in both bands. Illiterate disbanded when he left to play in Fury 66 full-time. Scott also joined Fury 66 soon thereafter. The remaining members went onto form Reliance with the original bass player of Illiterate, Tyler Morris on guitar. (Both Jon and Scott ended up joining Reliance at a later date.

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