Jade Banger is a rock & roll garage band from Santa Cruz, California.

The band consists of Rachel Scott (guitar), Abi Colbeck (bass/vox), Lizzie Shipton (drums/vox), and Wom (keys).

Inspired by a brief and hilarious performance at the annual Geyserstock Festival in Geyserville, CA.

Jade Banger consists of two Santa Cruz natives (Emily Isacson - keys, and Rachel Scott - guitars) and two Brits (Abi Colbeck - bass/vocals, and Lizzie Shipton - drums/vocals).

The four members met through high school and dance classes in Santa Cruz, but eventually realized they liked melting people's faces with their high-voltage rock more than they liked wearing leotards! They practiced and played extensively in 2006, and after graduating high school the Bangers ventured down to Malibu, CA where they recorded their 4-track demo with producer Rami Jaffee (keyboardist for the Wallflowers, and touring with the Foo Fighters).

Jade Banger has since relocated to Los Angeles where they have enjoyed weekly gigs at the Kibitz Room (in Canter's Deli) and several performances on Hollywood Blvd played in a smoke-shop doorway.

Live shows are high-energy, and their recorded sound captures this perfectly. They are in the process of recording many new songs.

Venues Edit

While the Kibitz Room has been crucial in spreading Jade Banger awareness they've also played: Safari Sams (on Sunset Blvd), Franks Smoke Shop (on Hollywood Blvd; where they played several times in a doorway to raise money and spread their music to the Hollywood night), the Blue Star Cafe (downtown LA) the Santa Cruz 418 Project, and the Santa Cruz Catalyst.

Recordings Edit

Recorded in Summer 2006 with Rami Jaffee, the 4-track demo is: 1. Special Guest 2. Dibs 3. Paradise 4. Call the Cops (Julians Drunk)

Jade Banger also started a publishing company under BMI called "I Wrote That". The name is a tribute to good times with Rami.

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