Jeff Diamond was unique in his musical taste way back in 1977. He was one of the first on campus to listen to the then burgeoning new wave and punk scene; with Devo, the Talking Heads, the Ramones, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, and, of course, the Sex Pistols blaring out of his dorm room. This attracted a certain crowd, influences were discussed, the latest release from Cymbeline was scrutinized.

As the upperclassman RA of his dorm, Jeffrey took pity on the freshmen students knocking at his door and he befriended them, as they were hopelessly in need of guidance. Jeffrey provided that guidance and helped make connections that were to have lasting consequences on the Santa Cruz music scene.

Through his penchant for hanging around Cymbeline, Jeff came across one of the store's original co-owners, Polio Ferrari, whose band was in need of a drummer. Knowing that one headstrong freshman in his very dormitory had begun obnoxiously playing drums to rock and roll music, Jeffrey introduced them to each other. Tapes were exchanged, and that's how David Rapaport joined JJ-180.

Diamond helped bridge the scene between downtown and the university by leading the charge to the Dragon Moon on a regular basis. He went to gigs. He was the epitome of a scenester, with a cigarette dripping out of his lower lip most of the time.

With eclectic and respected musical tastes, Diamond's seal of approval usually meant your new little band was okay. He was JJ-180's manager for a brief stint in the late seventies.

Diamond was a strong supporter of the Santa Cruz art scene and new wave scene.

Diamond was a useful interface for producers of UC Santa Cruz gigs through Out to Lunch Productions by vouching for the two student founders of OTL Productions to the Cowell College administrative staff.

After leaving Santa Cruz, Diamond worked for many years as a publicist in the entertainment industry, tirelessly promoting independent and foreign films, local theatre and performance art, nightclubs, rock bands, dance troupes and restaurants. He now owns and operates two cheese and wine stores in Oakland and Alameda, CA.

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