Jim Norris is a Santa Cruz based session musician who has recorded/played with a number of artists including Fly by Night, Larry Hosford, Snail, Joe Richards Group, Jano and the Facts, The Humans,             Bob Brozman, Lacy J. Dalton, Annie Hughes,  Beans Sousa, Ginny Mitchell, Mick Overman, Harpin' Jonny, Bob Burnett, Ed Hatch, Sterling Storm, Dream Beach,           Keith Greeninger, Dayan Kai, Steve McFessell,  Dennis McGregor, Mary McCaslin, Jimmie Joe Lee,         Nancy Cassidy, Mike McKinley and many others.... 

Recently and/or currently playing and/or recording with Keith Greeninger, Lacy J, the Sherry Austin Band, Sharon Allen, The Carolyn Sills Combo, Bob Brozman, Anne and Pete Sibley, James May, Jeffrey Halford, Durward Erwin, Tom Faia... and others mainly in the Santa Cruz Bay (to borrow a Hosfordism)....

Production credits include Sharon Allen's "Along the Way";  Sherry Austin's "Love Still Remains",                     "Drive by Romance", and "Drive on Back";  Sherry with Henhouse;  Jay Lingo;  and Ginny Mitchell's                                 "Just to Hear your Voice".                  

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