Jimmy Mazerik was the songwriting force behind popular Watsonville rockers Rufus and Jamal before they parted as drummer J.P Chapman (Monte Vista Christian School) left for Austin and other things happen but who the fuck knows what. Anyhow J.P had been living just down the way from the Happy Meal guys (when they were in The Doldrums) on Crestview Drive, watsonville, where they would book gigs at the Ugly Mug and other venues. Rufus and Jamal played shows all over (anyone got any data?) between 2002 (?) and 2005. Mazerik's writing propelled the power trio sound into melodic, dynamic rock. Then Mazerik went solo. He wrote 50 songs and played them ten at a time at Caffe Pergolesi and such venues. Living in a red barn in Castroville, he and El Chon became good friends and he offered to record El Chon's songs. Jimmy's history needs to be written. get him shows!

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