Joe Cuba and the Tokyo Negroes were a UCSC-based (college 5) band with a loose, loopy approach to their music and a refreshingly blase attitude about their public image. Their first gig was at a spring 1980 College 5 talent show where most bands were playing warmed over Genesis covers. Their first mini set included Guybo by Eddie Cochran, Art School by The Jam and Ready for War by John Cale. Their first full length set was in the College 5 Quad at the Jim Jones Electric Koolaid Acid Test where a whole roster of underground local bands played from noon till 9 pm when Jim Lyons was spotted unicycling about the quad. In Fall Of 1980 original drummer Sallee Kallenbach was replaced by Peter Tripodi who had just scored a psychedelic Ringo Ludwig kit and was making the transition from guitar hero to jungle drummer. Being known as an LSD/punk/jam band they thought it would be funny to have a Sunday morning pancake "breakfast with the Tokyo Negroes" at the Kresge commuter lounge (April 26, 1981?). People lined up around the building while the band personally served pancakes to the happy customers. This proved so sucessful that they repeated it later and had so many volunteers that they needed to do little work themselves. Thinking the Joe Cuba put alittle too much emphasis on lead singer Joe Sloan they later shortened it to the Tokyo Negroes, then later after concerns of racism they tweaked it little to Toyko Nergoes for a few gigs. The Campus newspaper City on the Hill wrote a few articles about them penned by Richard Von Busack now a movie reviewer for the Metro.

Original line-up was Joe Cuba (vox, Whammo Airblaster), Sallee Kallenbach (drums), Gary Silverstein (guitar), Jim Lyons (bass), Roger Silverstein (synthesizer), and Tim Ellis (guitar). Peter Tripodi became the new drummer in 1980

Jim and Peter joined Greg Winter and were later the nucleus of Space 1999, Who moved from Santa Cruz to Phoenix where Peter had enrolled in a luthiery school. They invited Joe Sloan out, and he came to be their new lead vocalist and changed their name to Spot 1019 ( based on a storage rental billboard proclaiming rent spot 1019 now). After Peter graduated they moved to San Francisco and released 2 albums on Camper Van Beethoven's Pitch-A-Tent Records in the late 1980sand toured with Camper Van Beethoven. These two albums were later rereleased on their new label Frontier, as was their third album "Still...Again." Before going on hiatus in the late 1990s, the band self-released a tape titled "Clown of Thorns/A Nickle Bag of Donuts". The long-time line up of Greg Winters (drums), Jim Lyons (bass), Tripodi (guitar) and Joe "Joe Cuba" Sloan (vocals) were still performing together as Spot 1019 as late as 2005, at a Bottom of the Hill gig in San Francisco.

Gary Silverstein and Tim Ellis later created a band called the Nice Guys that played an eclectic mix of Hank Williams and Rockabilly covers and original music.  Almost every gig had a slightly different line up with inbly the 2 being the constant.  Once when invited to a party they didn't have any more band members so they invited audience member to join the band for each new song

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