(1949-1995) Actor, singer, songwriter. Among his achievements is the song "For Pete's Sake" that he co-wrote with Peter Tork. It appeared on the album "Headquarters" by The Monkees (It also was the closing music to season 2 of the TV show). He was also part of the original cast of the original Broadway production of "Hair", as Joey Richards. In his later years, he appeared in several roles on TV and film under the name Joseph Anthony Richards.

Joe was born to Mary "Blanca" Webb (daughter of silent actor Jack Webb) and Johnny Richards, a contemporary jazz composer who for two years was the arranger fot the Stan Kenton Orchestra.

In the mid-70's, Joe collaberated with the Tubes, appearing in their live extravagannzas as "Pavarotti on Dope", and writing and singing on the albums "Tubes II" and "Remote Control", in both cases without credit. Despite schisms within the band, he remained friends with all of them until his death in 1995.

In the early '80s, he formed the Joe Richards Group with Starr Donaldson, a performance-oriented post-punk oddysey. This project was well received but short-lived. Throughout the late 80's and early '90s, Joe appeared in numerous small film roles (most notably in "Newsies" and "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me") as well as several music videos, commercials, and two scenes of NYPD Blue. 

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