Jon Luini moved to Santa Cruz in 1986 for college and was a member of local bands Mind Zoo, Mojo Madness, Deth Specula, Nereid Cluster, The Mudkats, and Eden Retread (which later became Stellavision). Luini was also involved in the burgeoning Santa Cruz Internet music scene, founding The Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) which resulted in worldwide exposure for local bands who signed up to IUMA's free services in the early years. In 2007 he formed The Arcadists with fellow Stellavision/Eden Retread/Mind Zoo guitarist Rob Simmons, drummer Matt Kurvin (the three of whom backed Sarah Jane on her CD "Real") and Erik Kostelnik (guitar and vocals). Jon also provided bass (with Matt Kurvin on drums) for Emmet Peixoto's album "Under Roses".

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