Kathy McVey was the bass player for Peer Pressure.

Among her Santa Cruz credentials also were being a hostess at Chef Tong's, an operator of the Octopus at the Boardwalk, and cooking at SAFA.

She since has played bass for Loretta Lynch, The Demented Big Band and Carmaig de Forest.

[Kathy speaking here: I don't know who the Demented Big Band is, but I did play with the demented Mark Stickman in the Oakland based band, Stikman. I also played in the Violets with Dan Olmsted (major lead guitar), Damon Carman (drums), Sheila Schat (vox, fiddle), and Tom Carns (vocals, guitar). That band morphed into the New EZ Devils with the previous members of the Violets minus Carns. Then Omsted and McVey morphed into Soldier of Fortune Cookie with Chris Gaw on drums, Ned Dougherty on Lead Bass, and Michelle Morley on vox and accordian. Currenty McVey and Olmsted maintain a rock hardy private party band under various elusive names with musicians previously and not yet mentioned.] I welcome emails to monstermcvey Love

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